Monday, September 22, 2003

Why the Leaks on 9/11 Planning?

Who is leaking all of the information on the alleged additional plans of the 9/11 terrorists and why is it being leaked? Is it being leaked to discredit Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in the eyes of the remaining terrorists? It is to taint a jury pool? I assumed he would be headed for either a foreign court or for a military trial. He would presumably be open to trial as a co-conspirator of 9/11 under U. S. criminal law, as well as New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania state laws. Doesn't this leak give him a slam-bang fair trial appeal before anything happens?

This smells fishy to me. If he is being held by the CIA then either the CIA lacks the ability to keep its mouth in the face of gain some positive PR, or it was part of some other plot to either push outstanding terrorists to act with haste or to back off from something impending. What ever the reason it leaked, I don't like it.

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