Monday, September 08, 2003

Dick's in Town
Dick was in town shilling for the Kentucky GOP. I watch his motorcade roll down Sixth Street while I ate lunch. I was surprised to see an ambulance in the caravan. That might be standard issue for the VP and President, but with Chaney's health problems, it just looks like he could pop and artery over a big pothole.

I am more interested where Simon Leis's bill for extra police protection is? I saw at least one sheriff’s vehicle out securing the area. Dick was only in town to raise money for the GOP, or at least that was that was announced. When Bill Clinton did that Simon Leis sent a bill to the White House for providing security. Leis was sure to make it a big media event too. When he was not paid, he even went to court to try and recover the $8,490.34 from the Democratic Party. He wasn't playing politics with his office now was he? Is that an abuse of power? Ah, yeah, it is. Leis is getting more and more like J. Edgar Hoover everyday. If you ever see him in drag, you better leave town.

A big insult to the state of Kentucky: the VP is in town to raise money for a gubernatorial candidate and they hold the event in Ohio.

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