Saturday, September 06, 2003

Anti-Miami Bias?
A Miami football player does something really stupid, gets busted by the cops, will be punished by the courts and by the school. This news draws a prominent Metro section article in the Enquirer? I must once again make my own personal bias known. I am a Miami graduate and I have been suffering from a Don Quixote syndrome for years in regards to the anti-Miami coverage in the Cincinnati Press. I have looked towards both a UC and Ohio U alumni as the culprits. Both schools have no love towards Miami. Now, my charge at windmills is partially tongue in cheek and partially real. I do see an overall negative spin against Miami sports and the school in general. There is no vast anti-Miami conspiracy, but when UC quarterback Gino Guidugli was arrested for assault I don't think it got this level of coverage.

The other contributing element of this is the player's name, Parseghian, which is big in college football history. This story was given far to much coverage for what the underlying crime involved. Well, Miami will, as usual, survive. I think we need a full-blown journalism school.

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