Thursday, September 11, 2003

Kroger Gets Their Garage
This was a forgone conclusion, but the city will build Kroger a parking garage. I don't really have a major problem with building a parking garage. Parking is not easy everywhere downtown. If Central Parkway continues to develop, then more parking it will come in handy. The problem with the situation was the arrogance and vile business practices of Kroger’s. Making threats is not a good long run business practice. It might work for the short run thinkers who want to quell the tide today (wringing the stone for last ounce of blood), but for us true “conservative” business people, working honestly and fairly gets you more friends then foes. Kroger’s now has bunch of foes. If they do not help find a developer for their former College Hill store, or if they let the Vine Street store fall apart again, then they might feel the pinch instead of the warm body massage from city council.

Cole's comments from the debate are either piss poor or just not quoted in their entirety:
"This deal stinks," Cole said. "It stinks for the council. It stinks for the taxpayers. It stinks so bad that I beg the administration to get its act together and get us the information we need before we have to make any more of these decisions."
Why? Why does the plan stink? Is it just because the city has to pay for it? Well, the city has built many many parking garages around town. I do not think this will be a Kroger only garage, at least I hope not. So we all get some value out of it. It will make good parking for the Taste of Cincinnati. Cole's comments are just electioneering at their most ineloquent.

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