Sunday, September 07, 2003

Spenser Hits Cranley Plan
Charter Committee Candidate Nick Spenser speaks out with a bite on Councilman John Cranley's plan to hire a consultant to study the Main Street entertainment district. The new little man has hit the original little man on council with a reasoned challenge to the hurry up and study an issue, instead of acting on it, plan. Nick is right on target with his criticism. Spending $100,000 bucks on a guy to state the obvious is pointless. If they guy has "contacts" then just admit what you are doing, paying a fee to try and lobby corporations to invest in new entertainment outlets in the Main Street. The better option is the fund local entrepreneurs or local corporations to invest in the city. Keep the money local, keep the control local, and you will make an authentic Cincinnati destination, not a carbon copy of someplace else.

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