Saturday, September 06, 2003

Details on the Lynch Residency Hearing
Korte has the details. The vote was unanimous. The GOP seems not to want to make this a real issue. Pete Witte instead indicated that he will not let the issue die. He will let the legal challenge drop, but he will go after Lynch as an outsider, using the "carpetbagging" charge leveled on Hillary Clinton in her run for Senate in NY. It did not work against Hillary, but Cincinnati is not New York, in about a million different ways.

The barbs quoted in Korte's article are harsh and bodes well for those expecting a nasty campaign. Witte's comments included
But he said he would "go on the campaign trail and show that I'm the complete opposite of Damon Lynch."

"I don't consider our police to be rapists, racists and murderers, and I don't think that kind of rhetoric is going to make sure our neighborhoods are safer places for our families to live," he said.
Lynch did not back down and surprisingly did not try and retract his letter maligning the police:
"I stand by those words. Police officers in this city have done those things," he said.
I could be haste here and throw out a Betty Davis quote, but alas I would rather just genuflect on the moment. We have a real live campaign folks. We might actually have dueling press releases, and real live arguments at a debate. With an action filled debate, might a local TV or radio station actually consider broadcasting live such debate? Could we really experience politics here in stuffy Cincinnati?
Nah! I expect to get the same tired old blah blah blah from the broadcast outlets. The papers will be sleeping through this, except for Korte. We might have 1230thebuzz do something, but they would likely only stick to Lynch's team, leaving the rest to beg WLW to care about a city that does not contain most of their listeners. Same old, same old.

More on the Lynch residency issue from the Post.

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