Thursday, September 25, 2003

Concealed-Carry: Tradition Rules the Day

It is odd. This has been a law for 144 years, in one form or another, and yet "conservatives" want to change it. I am please that the State Supremes did not go off the deep end and rule that guns owners have more rights than those seeking freedoms of speech, the press, or of religion.

This supports my belief. You have the right to own guns and keep them on your property nearly in way you want to. If you take them off your property, then you can be regulated by the State. That is fair. It is also constitutional for the State legislature to change the laws on Conceal-Carry, which the GOP controlled government wants to, but they are playing to much politics with it to agree on a reasonable type of law. I hope the Taft camp and the extremist camps stay at odds. That will keep more idiots from carrying a gun under their coats this winter. The fewer, the better.

For the gun nuts out there, guess what: no matter how much you try and invoke the tainted studies by Mr. Lott or anyone else, you will not gain much ground with me, so don't bother. I am for the current Ohio gun laws. Keep your guns on your own property if you don't want the State to get involved, otherwise quite your whining or get your GOP leaders to compromise with each other. We liberals are not to blame for the State government here in Ohio. The conservatives have control, they don't care about what we think anyway, so why blame us?

The Enquirer's editorial is odd too. They seem to be saying "Damn you Supreme court, why couldn't you have been an activist court? We hate activist courts, mind you, but when they benefit our side, we'll just looking the other way, and ignore the hypocrisy." I'm reading between the lines, so don't nit-pick please. I wonder how many gun nuts will blame the liberals on the court for this adherence to precedent.

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