Monday, September 15, 2003

More on Clear Channel

The Enquirer has belatedly gotten a story online. The Business Courier had the scoop and since this hit on the weekend, no one was available for comment. This article included comments from Mike Kenney, regional vice president for Clear Channel, that seem much more disingenuous than Saturday's article.
"We looked at McFarland and Third streets. We looked out on West Third Street. We looked at other buildings downtown. In fact, I spent almost all my time looking at buildings downtown," Kenney said. "It just didn't work out."
Riiiiiight. Almost all of your time. The issue is money. They got it cheap. It is simple as that. Cheap and they have no need for to be downtown when they do nothing downtown (oh except the reds and bengals which is a big nothing for the rest of the city). It would be nice if the WDBZ picked up the slack by starting a real newsroom. I will not be holding my breath for that, but someone has to cover city hall, and they will be right across the street after all.

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