Sunday, September 14, 2003

More of the Same from Peter Bronson

Well, Pete is again reading his email from the Miami College Republicans. Did Peter either attend the lecture or read the book mentioned in his column? I would guess no. I would guess Peter contacted the newest head of the Miami College Republicans to get their detailed take (spin) on the issue and maybe called the University's PR person for comment. Peter is doing what most journalists do; they interview the usual cast of characters. Why not talk to a slew of other kids at Miami? Well, Peter only cares about getting what he calls "conservative" viewpoints into Miami. I again have to ask him if he has ever read the business school's class schedule? If Peter is equating capitalism with conservatism (which is not a valid link, but I will humor him), then I ask him to find the socialism or communism studies class in the Business School. Peter, speaking as a graduate of the Richard T. Farmer School of Business, I can attest that neither socialist nor communist ideas are taught in that school. When are you going to call for a balance of viewpoints there Peter? Huh? Hmm? Well, if the 1/3 of freshman class who are Business majors has to be subjected to a liberal whom you claim is a socialist, then good. They maybe will become liberal capitalist like I am. You know, the ones who believe government must keep business in check, but guess what, we believe in private property, so we are not communists!!! How's that for an opinion that is not represented in Business schools? Where's the balance Peter?

Peter references protestors. How many were there? I bet there were no more than 6-12. This puts the protest in the range of a Nate Livingston "event." Does this make Peter the conservative counter part to the reporters who for some unknown reason actually ask Nate for quotes on stories? A bizarre ying-yang thing going on there, eh?

I also must remind everyone of Bronson's hypocrisy. Peter loves the police union. They are his buddies. They collectively bargain. They hold their employer of a barrel. Peter says nothing when they do that. The Police create an organized slowdown and allow crime rates to raise, and Peter says they are "handcuffed." Miami's workers have a speaker who supports them, and Peter complains about it.

Finally Peter, when you say "conservative viewpoint" please be more specific. You want college students to be indoctrinated in some form of Reagan worship or Fundamentalist cut-throat capitalism. That is just as extreme as Barbara Ehrenreich, just your perception is off. Things in the mirror are not as big as they appear after all.

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