Sunday, September 14, 2003

Does the VP Support Sexual Torture?

Patrick Crowley is reporting that Nicholas Mirisis, congressional press secretary for GOP Kentucky governor candidate Ernie Fletcher, resigned after he allegedly sent a letter to a former girlfriend where he threatened "sexual torture" because she revealed that he once had plagiarized a paper while president of the UNC Student body.

Now, VP Dick Cheney was in town last Monday shilling for Ernie Fletcher. If we apply the same logic as was applied to Cruz Bustamante, Lt. Gov of California, that means that since VP Dick Cheney has not publicly denounced Nicholas Mirisis, doesn't that means he supports him and his actions/positions?

I should be saying something now about the shoe on the other foot maybe? Hey, it is not my logic, I did not start this? I wonder where the 800-pound gorilla stands on this one?

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