Friday, September 19, 2003

Nick Spencer Goes Nuclear

Yesterday council candidate Nick Spencer challenged the efforts of Charlie Luken and John Cranley to hire John Elkington as a consultant for Main Street development. At the OTR Chamber of Commerce luncheon Nick raised questions as to why the city is not considering the problems Mr. Elkington has had in some of his development project outside of Beale Street in Memphis. Nick's comments appeared to have not only put Mr. Elkington back on his heels, they also pissed him off enough to not show up for a meeting planned with Nick later on yesterday afternoon.

Support for Elkington is falling more and I would not be surprised if no vote occurs to even pay him. If the money for Elkington is denied, I hope that does not kill development for Main Street. Nick's had the quote that summed up the core problem with how this "plan" to hire Elkington was hatched:
"This has been put together by three or four guys who came up with this in a room somewhere and they don't want to be pressed on details," he said.
I will have more on this story in next week's VigPol.

More from the Enquirer.

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