Saturday, September 13, 2003

Clear Channel Abandons City of Cincinnati

Well, if you listen to their radio stations it is clear they do not give a damn about the actual City of Cincinnati, so it comes as no surprise that they are running scared to Kenwood. I guess Bill Cunningham wants to ride his tricycle to work.

I think this is a move for Clear Channel to start reducing local programming and even local staff. What better way than cutting jobs during a move, people will not notice quite so much.

Why didn't the city do anything to try and keep them downtown? Well, that is a leading question. I wonder what they offered or if Clear Channel even told anyone they were leaving before their deal was signed? I wonder if this at all factual:
Kinney said Clear Channel's Austin, Texas-based real estate broker talked to the city of Cincinnati about incentives for keeping Clear Channel inside city limits.

"We did talk to Cincinnati, just to see if there was anything they could do, and there wasn't really anything much to do," Kinney said. "We got a good deal and a good location (in Kenwood)."
There wasn't anything they could do? Huh? Are all of the downtown buildings full? Of course not. This is move is occurring for two reasons. They do want more space, but additionally there will be a pull back of City Coverage, and of general local coverage across the board. If there will be any local coverage, then it will be suburban and Northern Kentucky. I would in the years expect WLW to have less news, more sports, and the talk shows will only cover national or suburban topics.

WDBZ is moving downtown next month, so why couldn't Clear Channel find room?

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