Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Enquirer's New Weekly Rag

Steve Novotni, XRay Magazine Editor, has the lastest scoop on the Enquirer's up and coming weekly newspaper. By the sound of things this is going to be a waste of space. It sounds like ├╝berffluff. If there is any original news, and I mean hard news, I will be shocked. If you find “Betty Crocker” receipes in “Cin” (or Barge), I would not be surprised. They might be trendy recipies for Jello-shots circa 1993, but hey, we are in Cincinnati after all.

No word yet if “Cin” will have any kind of website. I doubt my idea will be used. I wonder if CityBeat will take up the group blog idea? I doubt it. I don’t think either CityBeat or the Enquirer could stand for “unedited” content and for people linking to other publications.

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