Saturday, September 06, 2003

Simon Leis at the Harvest Home Parade
A friend pointed me to this article:
Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis Jr. (and the 12-foot-tall inflatable doll of him) brings out his entire arsenal, including helicopters, mounted patrols, paddy wagons and a K-9 unit with a barking German shepherd in back.
Little did we know that the mighty Simon Leis doll is something of a tradition as this articles from CityBeat can attest: 03/19/2003 and 03/22/2001. This reminds me of "Otto" the autopilot from the movie Airplane. I think I need to conjure up the "Stay Puff Marshmallow Man" to battle the Simon Leis blow-up doll. Why doesn't the Hustler store sell these? Leis has been screw the Flynts for 30 years, why can't someone else return the favor?

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