Friday, September 05, 2003

Lynch Officially on Ballot
With no explanation reported the Board of Elections has certified Damon Lynch III to appear on the ballot for Cincinnati City Council. This was not a major surprise. I am sure the GOP is both happy and sad. They would like nothing better than damaging the reputation of Damon Lynch, but they are equally happy to have someone that they hope will bring out the conservative vote.

My wonder know, will the gloves stay off or will Pete Witte try to bloody up his knuckles a little more? Pete can still push the issue of the alleged lack of payment of non-city resident tuition for Walnut Hills School that Lynch's should have paid for his kid(s) that attended that school. Will this issue die? Now that they ballot issue is decided will the Enquirer unless Greg Korte on Lynch, or would they prefer to keep in the race to make it fun? I would find it much more fun if they went after this issue. Where any laws broken? What political reporter can resist a case of possible law breaking by a candidate for public office? If this issue goes unsettled, I hope I never hear Damon Lynch ever utter the words "white privilege." I don't really want to be physically sick, but that level of hypocrisy would make me bring up lunch and breakfast.

Denise Smith-Amos's column was a bit wishy washy. If you want to remedy the issue, you have to dig into his personal life. If the allegation is that he is lying about where he is living, then you have to find out where he is living, thus the personal questions. I guess the Board of Elections chose to follow Denise’s formula. The details don’t matter, the overall appearance of democracy is better than the rule of law, kind of like how the Florida election was decided. Bush after all “appeared to have won,” so that was good enough for the SCOTUS.

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