Friday, September 12, 2003

Dear Diary

Is Maggie Downs being held back a little? This is a good column, but I think she could still be writing on topics with much more complexity than this. Why not tackle the Cranley vs. Spencer battle over Main Street?

I am amazed over one thing in this article though. As a blogger, which is a new form of journalist and a much more personal one, I do write about my self on occasion. In the world of columnists that has been true for a while.

I was interviewed for CityBeat earlier this year and the reporter Maria Rodgers asked me how I could be so open about myself on my blog. I am open about myself, but I do wall off some of my emotions, or at least direct reference to them. Talking about my love life is one thing I could not do, well at least not beyond talking about my lack of one. Maggie is straightforward with it. That takes guts. My blog here is only read by a small number of people, while she is read weekly in large newspaper. I could not write about this type of topic. I would like to read more of her opinions on stuff, but what she is doing is interesting, and keeps me reading.

I do have to ask one other question. What kind of boyfriend does have that can take off three months and go to Europe in the fall? I wish my employer would let me do that. I would pick England and Ireland instead of Italy though.

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