Thursday, April 17, 2003

Youth served on City Council
People bitch and moan about City Council. No one can say anything good about them. Is it because they are young and they don't do things the "conventional" way? Or is it because they are young and have no clue what they are doing? I am 31 years old and 4 council members are my age or younger, and 2 more are only a few years older. 6 of the 9 are Generation Xer's. How does this compare to the rest of the nation? Are we ahead of the curve or is this yet another generation gap that will only get worse as the "Boomer's" get older and more of a pain in the ass than they already are?

My guess is that the city council has some great ideas, but the older, and more powerful, citizens do not take them seriously. Business leaders, who are generally older, like new ideas, but they don’t like to try them. Older activists don’t like new blood, unless they are in tow. I will not be surprised to see age indirectly used as a campaign tool this year in Council elections. I can see the Republicans trying to bash the twenty-somethings, while tip towing around their thirty-somethings. Age is but a number, but numbers can sway a fickle and moronic public. I expect more than one gray haired candidate to step forward this time around. Break out the Ben-Gay!

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