Thursday, April 17, 2003

FOX: CNN Blames Premature Obituaries on Human Error
This is news? This is front-page news? FOX couldn't find any other stories on Iraq or Syria to run instead of running a clerical error story? Are they this petty? Well, do I have to bother answering that question? Of course they are petty, little children. They even had to add a NY Post style editorial headline on the front-page link "Night of the Living Dead." Why didn't they just use "Gotcha" and just become the cliché tabloid they
long to be? I have to wonder if is run from the NY Post offices.

I will be checking on CNN for the follow-up rebuttal "FOX News Intern Mislabels Folder" "Over night a new Pepperdine University Intern mistakenly mislabeled Ollie North's Personnel File with Brit Hume's name. An HR Manager nearly had to fire Hume for lying about his years of experience at ABC as an anchor. The 20-year-old intern had been working only 2 days at FOX and was not familiar with the file system. She assumed it would have been the same as the RNC headquarters where she had been a volunteer
previously. The file labels were quickly correct, but the original labels can be seen through the new ones."

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