Wednesday, April 23, 2003

BRONSON: Church ducks gay marriage
Why is Peter Bronson afraid of gay marriage? How will two men or two women getting married hurt Peter? It contradicts his religion, that much we know. Peter can be bigoted towards gays, that is his right. What he can't do is use the government to do it. Why do Peter and his fellow theocrats want to prevent gay marriage? I am repeating myself, but I can't find a logical reason for anyone to care who gets married. When Mr. Bronson sarcastically writes "And Moses cameth down from the mountaintop with the 10 Suggestions ...'' I guess I have to just sit here and laugh. If Peter eats Brats or Metts or most hotdogs I wonder how he rationalizes this? Is not eating pork a suggestion? If it is, then I guess the ban on homosexuality is merely a suggestion. I hope Peter "Mr. consistency" Bronson will be supporting the Anti-Pork Products Act and call for the jailing of the Rib’s King.

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