Monday, April 07, 2003 Like other local stations, Channel 64 will read AP stories to viewers
Channel 64 has decided to create a newscast at the 10 pm hour with all indications it will be the same old, same old -- just like the other local stations. Many people do not realize that 90% of the stories on local stations come from the Associated Press. Tear it off the wire and read it to the audience. Channel 64 will do much of the same.

This was reported previously as a possibility, but no date was given as a starting point. I agree with CincyNation that local TV news does suck. It sucks nearly everywhere. The 90% figure is not valid however, and I will wait and see how Channel 64 does at news before I ridicule it. I would surmise it will be more of the same drivel FOX19, WLWT, WKRC, and WCPO produce on a daily basis.

CincyNation should also not be so gleeful at reporting the Greg Flannery of City Beat Story. I reported that story back on March 22nd.

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