Monday, April 07, 2003

Updated Boycott Demands (pdf file)
They have shed some of the dead weight from the list, but it still is not going to fly. If I had to use one word to describe this summary document, I can only think of one: Racist. This document is nearly all race based. It has one goal: to increase the wealth and power of black people. This is extortion, not a civil rights struggle. Greed, sectarianism, bigotry, and racism are all I can see when I read this document. The boycott will never end. This is a political agenda, not a list of reasonable demands. I am sickened. I am most sickened that this document does not include the repeal of the anti-homosexual City Charter Article XII. It appears the bigots in boycott movement won out. I hope everyone in what is left of Stonewall see this as nothing more than a shakedown. I see nothing positive from this “consolidation.” What I am waiting for next are their new targets. Will they try and nationalize this? Will they target P&G? Federated? Kroger? Will the sucker media buy into the lies? I will guess yes to all. Well I am sure this will be copied by Nate to his hate group's website, so I will take the opportunity to ask people to make sure they understand that I am not posting my blog entries on their message board.

Well, on the “bright side”, at least I will have something to blog about after the war ends. (Drano take me away!)

UPDATE: I missed more evidence of how racist this document is. In every place where race was mentioned in this document, nothing was mentioned regarding Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and of course nothing about poor whites. Will people still buy into this crap? Will the media say anything critical about it? Will my fellow liberals and the supposed color blind Progressives see this as racist propaganda, or will their white guilt pacify any objectivity they may have?

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