Monday, April 21, 2003

BRONSON: Ohio's new palace in Columbus
Attention Mr. Bronson, Attention Mr. Bronson.....Blame your fellow Republicans!!!!!!! In case you have not noticed, your political party of choice is in total control of the government of Ohio. Start Blaming Brinkman, oh wait you can't blame him, he would rather we not have a government. Ok, blame Taft, Blackwell, Petro, Deters, etc. Your guys are in office. Why do you seem to want to blame anyone other than the guys who voted to fund this building restoration? I wonder if you are going to try and pin this on Springer. You might blame Clinton, your usual, but I don't think even you could make a connection the mouth foamers could swallow. I guess “lawmakers” will have to do, but it is a shame you can’t put your GOP friends down once in a while, beyond when they don’t evoke your right wing stalwart issues of guns, theocracy, and abortion.

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