Tuesday, April 01, 2003

New Lawsuit Filed Against City Of Cincinnati
Evidence of a never-ending money grab. The boycott crowd and Jay Love defend Lawson, but are they in denial or do they stand to gain from the lawsuits? Jay Love has a personal connection that explains part of his hypersensitive reaction, but the rest have something to gain. The city is right to seek the removal of Lawson from the collaborative agreement. Lawson is out to make money from the exploitation of people who may or may not have legal claims against the city. Lawson is openly working a scheme to shakedown the city in a never-ending train of lawsuits. Nearly every black person who the police interact with in the City of Cincinnati are seen by Lawson as potential revenue. It is in Lawson's best interests for the police to kill more black people and for them to "racially profile" more people and for the police to beat every suspect to a bloody pulp. Racism is good for Lawson's business, and I do not see him doing anything to help end it.

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