Thursday, April 24, 2003

Ohio senator: no talk of tax cut in brief meeting with Bush
Does George Voinovich have balls? That is the question that I am sure every follower of Ohio politics is asking. Will he back down or will he stand up to the President? It sounds like Voinovich is not going to back down. Conventional Wisdom is saying that here in Ohio the latest round of Bush tax-cuts don't have much support, beyond the party hardliners. I think Bush's tax cut is toast. He should settle on the $350 Million number or something a little higher, if he can slip it by. Bush would do better if he would dump the dividend tax elimination. That is what is not flying. He would easily get the rest of his package passed without it. Admitting defeat after his "great" Iraq victory is something Bush and company could not swallow, and I predict they will attempt to crush the moderate Republicans, some even wishing they would be defeated in their next primary. Not much a liberal like I can do, but bitch and moan, of which I am now finished, for now.

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