Sunday, April 13, 2003

BRONSON: War proves religious leaders need more faith in America
Well, with an opening line only Henny Youngman would love, Peter has proceeded to paint the war into a simple case of "good vs. evil." As usual, Bronson sees life as a yes or no question, also called linear thinking. I guess religion is as simple to him. Either you are a good evangelical Christian (read fundamentalist/“born again”) or are a heathen. I guess Peter would not think twice about pulling the trigger against an Iraqi civilian car driving towards him on a Baghdad road. “Moral clarity” is as clear as sewer water. Trying to declare it is the mission of a crusader in search of a retroactive rationale.

This war was not some simple choice. I don’t even think George Bush thought this was simple, and that is saying something. I guess Peter thinks that it is easy to be a good little conformist, just follow the lemming in front of you. It does not surprise me at all that religious people, who talk about peace to actually try and preach it, even in a time of war.

I wonder why Peter sees this issue as simple good vs. evil when in March 1999 he said the following about the Kosovo War:
The Balkans war is much more complex than that, of course. Even the scholars on our Forum Page today hardly scratch the surface of the political, ideological, historical and religious conflicts in the region.

But Americans don't have time for complex. Complex is too . . . complicated. Americans want simple. Fast. No more than five words. No more than one syll-ab-le.
So choosing sides in Yugoslavia is difficult, while in Iraq it is simple. I wonder why this is the case. Bosians-Kosovars are Muslims; Serbians are Christians, a tough choice even if the Serbs are painted as the “bad guys?” The Iraqis are Muslim and painted as the bad guys. Easy choice there for Peter, but he is shocked that his fellow Christians didn’t make the same knee-jerk choice. Round up the Usual Suspects Mr. Bronson, I guess you will have to blame us “liberals” for corrupting your beloved Christian Brethren with a bit of humanity and religious tolerance. I am surprised he did not find a way to blame Bill Clinton for this, but I am sure he could have found a way to make such a claim. Red herrings have a way of being universally utilized.

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