Wednesday, April 09, 2003

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Public Notice: First. I am not post on the above linked message board. Nate (rhymes with hate) or one of his co-racists is stealing my blog content and posting them to their forum. Here is a post that I think everyone should read and think about before they give support to anything they say.
Amanda (Mayes)

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White people love to call self defense hate. It's their way of keeping us vicitmized. The Panthers are all about liberation (or, at least, they used to be). More African Americans in Cincinnati need to stop being the victim and take their fate into thier own hands.

It looks like the only one who deserves to get their ass kicked more than Lincoln Ware is cincyblog.

No Justice, No Peace!
I added the last name and the bold emphasis, and left the spelling as is. It is funny how she played games. She knows I meant the New Black Panther Party. That is the hate group. Nate knows that, but they seem to only like to be truthful win it suits their nefarious cause.

I now wonder if Damon Lynch and the Boycott 2.0 are really loving the CJC and Black Fist. Those groups can be the fringe that Lynch and the CBUF can denounce, while still pushing their racist agenda. A triangulation of sorts.

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