Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Gregory Korte: on Valerie Lemmie (last section)
Greg reports that City Manager Valerie Lemmie has a new policy "prohibiting city employees from talking to council candidates." Two council candidates are pissed. Fellow blogger John Schlagetter (Charterite) and Republican Leslie Ghiz are those two candidates. There is no legal way that Lemmie can prevent any person meeting with anyone else while on their time outside of work. She most likely can prevent them from doing it during working hours at city hall or other facilities or using city property like phones or computers. Does she have the same restriction on talking to the members of the press? I think John can claim to be a member of the press rather easily with his radio show and blog. If Leslie Ghiz starts blogging she might be able to get around this too.

I wonder if soon to be council member Laketa Cole is able to talk to city employees before she is sworn in. She is a candidate for council up until she is sworn in, is their an exception for Democratic candidates?

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