Saturday, April 12, 2003

Bigots of the Week:City sued over hate-crime law
The award goes to council candidate Sam Malone, state Rep. Tom Brinkman, and Mark Miller. Brinkman is an embarrassment to his district, the state, and the country. He voted against the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It was a matter of principle the man said. I guess the same principle that allows theocratic fascist like Brinkman to try and force their religion on others.

Brinkman is a clique. The anti-tax, build walls around your house kind of fearful of difference bigot. He seems to want everyone to be forced to carry a gun so that we can "protect" ourselves from homosexuals, while allowing "special legal protection" linger on for religious people, as the original city hate crimes ordinance already contained. How can anyone in the GOP say this guy is not a bigot with a straight face? The problem is that many in the GOP locally like his brand of bigotry. Homosexuals are hated in this town by the likes of Brinkman, and believe it or not, by most of the leaders and followers of the boycotters. Bigotry is not a double-edged sword; it has far more edges than a simple two to worry about.

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