Friday, April 04, 2003

Mike McConnell Converts to the PC Movement
It would appear Mike from 700WLW has had a change of heart regarding the politically correct movement. Mike has removed a Pearl Jam song from the “bumper” music used on his show. He did this because of a single news story making the run around the internet. “Dozens” of people claim Eddie Vedder stepped on a mask of George Bush during a concert. Mike seems to not like anyone disrespecting the President of the United States, well I really mean anyone disrespecting a President he likes. Bill Clinton to this day is disrespected by callers on his show often on a daily basis over 2 years after the man left office. Mike rarely rebukes any of his callers who have accused Clinton of causing nearly all things “bad,” but a few dozen people can sway his mind. Mike can be branded a knee-jerk jingoist without question in my opinion. Mike has in the past been a fairly reasonable guy, but this war has seemed to turned him into a reactionary. First he wanted feudalism, now I would not be surprised for him to want to Sedition to be applied to anyone not conforming to his blood lusting views. What is most disturbing is the reality that if we were Iraq, Mike and the talk radio crowd would be the Fedayeen Geroge, forcing the rest of us to fight for their beloved Bush.

I really find it harder to support this war. I still do, but I really am disgusted by the attitude of many conservatives/neolibertarians who treat this like a political issue. It is like we are talking about gun rights and they have drawn sides like Sarajevo. With recent attacks on John Kerry, I see this coming election season to end up with small incidents of violence. There is nothing sadder than seeing election riots in the streets, but I think we will see political groups fighting each other, on a small scale next year. The Polarization of political debate has only one end: sectarian violence. We humans are so very very stupid.

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