Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Covington Passes Anti-Discrimination Ordinance
It appears the CCV hate mail did not stick with City of Covington, KY Officials. Mike McConnell was not pleased this morning on news that it likely to pass. He still wrongly calls this as a special right that he can't use. He is wrong. Under this law people cannot be discriminated against for simply being heterosexual. Mike may claim that such a thing would never happen anyway. Mike should then consider himself lucky and not get pissed off about being in the majority on sexual orientation. It is unlikely that I will be discriminated against because I am not Iraqi, but does that mean that Iraqi's should not be protected from discrimination on account of national origin? This law is simple and should be adopted. If it is wrong to have anti-discrimination laws, then we have to get rid of them all: race, religion, sex, gun owners, etc. I wonder what Mike and other Libertarians will say about those.

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