Wednesday, April 16, 2003

State cuts terror threat to yellow
Why does Ohio or any state need its own terror alert? I can see a city or even a state issuing a specific alert when there is a semi-specific threat, but I think it is safe for the residents of Ohio to just follow the Federal terror alert guides. If Taft is just going to mimic the Department of Homeland Security, then why bother with the damn thing in the first place? Well, Bob has to fight terror with the rest of hanger's on. Ohio is not a high on the terrorist target list. I think we all can just stay vigilant, without worrying about foreign terrorists. I would much prefer Bob to keep a warning on the threats from domestic terrorists. If some anti-abortion nut case is trying to send fake anthrax letters again, I would much prefer to know about that, then a useless state warning level. What kind of intelligence reports does Taft get? Is there an Ohio Intelligence Agency? Are we sending spies into Kentucky and West Virginia? Opps, I may have just blown their cover, Sheriff Leis is knocking on my door as I type.

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