Sunday, January 05, 2003

Hot Seat Notes:
Kathy Wilson gives her support to the "Moratorium" meeting while appearing on Hot Seat. Kathy also named an up and comer for 2003 and it was Jason Fagone of Cincinnati Magazine. I am currently reading his two articles in the January issue, and hope to have a few comments posted in the next few days.

Eric Kearney also stated there were 600 shootings last year in Cincinnati and 70% were blacks? WOW, that is a huge number of shootings. I wonder if that included all from the county or the metro area. I think his source was from University Hospital, so that might include shootings never getting reported to the police. The number that he was not able to report was how many of the 600 shooters were blacks? The percentage would likely be 70% or higher. The figure was also missing from other year-end summaries of the races of homicide victims.

No one appears to be updating Hot Seat’s website to often, it has a limited description of the show and lists only the regular panelists.

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