Monday, January 13, 2003

State senator says he didn't know remark was offensive
Leave it to the Republican’s to make stupid remarks. How could any adult not know that it is offensive to generalize about a minority, referring to the old stereotype of Jews as cheap or wheelers and dealers? This slip of the tongue is not as bad as Trent Lott’s comments last month, but it indicates a lack of tact and decorum that is not becoming of an Ohio State Senator, let alone the President of the Ohio Senate.

The Republicans here in Ohio will let this slide without a single peep. Local conservative talk radio has said nary a word about it, and will not. I was impressed with the Enquirer’s story from Sunday, but they would not miss a juicy story like this no matter whom they endorsed. It is never good for Ohio when this makes an Israeli newspaper or a British paper.

UPDATE: The Ohio Lt. Gov. Jennette Bradley (R) comments on Doug White's remarks.

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