Tuesday, January 07, 2003

ESPN host replaces 'Wildman'
Wildman is the casualty of an increase in Christian Talk Radio at 1160. I was never a big fan of Dennis Walker, but it is bad to lose locally based programming to network programming. Kornheiser is not bad replacement, but how will 1360 balance out the FOX Sports network and ESPN network on one radio station.

I have been speculating recently on what will happen when Gary Burbank finally retires from WLW. I have been wondering who would fill his valuable time slot. I think I have the answer. I think WLW will put WEBN’s Eddie Fingers and Bob Berry in that slot, maybe with Duke Sinatra carrying on as the funny man to Eddie’s straight man, with Bob as the nut case in tow. I think WEBN’s Dawn Patrol is getting to old for the audience they are going for. Bob and Tom on WOFX is a solid team for the older morning crow. WEBN could let Dolphin loose with some younger guy, who can push the limits like the Dawn Patrol used to do in the days with Jimmy the Weasel.

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