Saturday, January 18, 2003

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Coming to Cincinnati
The who's who of the CCV will certainly be in attendance in Norwood on the 20th for the Dr. Laura, hypocrite of America 2002, book signing. This will be the local theocratic fascist event of the year, please note it is a book signing, not a book burning. Please remind your neighborhood CCV member to leave their gasoline and matches at home.

Just to remind you, Laura Schlessinger is the women who regularly tells people how to live their lives on her radio “advice” show, while her own life would be fodder for the Jenny Jones or the Jerry Springer show. Her mother recently was found after lying dead about 2 months in her condo. Ms. Schlessinger blamed her mother for pushing away the family. Ms. Schlessinger I guess found it ok to shun her mother. I guess the "commandment" on honoring one's mother and father is subjective in her mind. When she tells children to do what their parents want, I wonder if they buy her advice, or if they just laugh at her hypocrisy. It is sad when anyone's parent dies, and how Ms. Schlessinger mother died, was horrible, but the way Laura Schlessinger has ignored the adage of "practice what you preach" is too much for me to lay off, especially when she will be visiting only a few miles from where I live. If hope her visit is short, useless, and she at least is subjected to a few protestors.

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