Saturday, January 18, 2003

So Long Pat Barry, We Hardly New Thee
Well, Pat is and was a media veteran here in Cincinnati, but with the cancellation of his short run WKRC radio show, I will miss him being on the air. Pat was the only moderate voice from a current affairs talk radio show on Clear Channel’s stations here in town. Now we shall be treated to the rabid dog fascist stylings of Sean Hannity of FOXNews fame. Sean is one of the worst talk radio hosts in America. He is beyond being a shill for the GOP, he acts as their penis, while stuffing his trite GOP propaganda down his listener's throats. He is the walking poster boy for Conformist Republican Christians of America, Inc. Spinsanity had a great column on his slippery handling of facts and his nasty habit of myth perpetuation. Darryl Parks, local Clear Channel AM boss, is a man with only one purpose: get bigger ratings. He must feel threatened by the newly started ultra-right wing talk radio on WBOB. He seems to feel that he needs to shore up his programming, weed out any hint of "liberals," and pull back a conservative audience that does not like Gary Burbank's comedy and might be tempted by the moralizing of Michael Medved.

Local radio has taken one more step to oblivion, and another outlet for local discussion is gone. Now we get more of the same. The same topics, the same message, and the same propaganda. Soon FCC Chairman Michael Powel will be opening the gates to Clear Channel to own more, and local radio will be dead, except for what little local radio is on NPR. Local TV news is dead, local newspapers are holding on by a thread. I hope blogs catch on locally. Soon that may be the only means of public information and public discourse. Long live the Blog!

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