Monday, January 06, 2003

Notes from Talk Radio:
1230 the Buzz aired a commercial calling for current crack addicts to volunteer for a study of an experimental treatment for crack addiction. They will be compensated for their time. Are crack addicts known to be regular listeners of the Buzz?

Speaking of people on crack, Rev. Shannon from the Church of the Ham Sandwich went on a rant while on the Buzz today claiming every conspiracy in the book. The claims of the murder of Paul Wellstone and of American Troops on a tear in Senegal being the most entertain examples.

Baghdad Jay Love is making Iraq into a desert paradise, where the people are happy, carefree and love life under Saddam. He wants to know what we are going to tell a little 15 year old Baghdad kid why he is being “bombed”. Unless that 15-year-old kid is in the Iraqi Armed Forces or is sitting in a military target, he is not going to be bombed. Guess what Jay, almost no citizens of Baghdad have access to foreign news media. They are not informed of what is going on. If they claim to be happy it is because they either are scared not to be, or they don’t know better. I think Jay does not play the part of Talk Show Host very well. He can’t take illogically positions very convincingly, or he is just ignorant.

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