Wednesday, January 08, 2003

CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide "Leviticus: Faggot (No. 65)"
Excellent work from Kathy Y. Wilson. This column touches issue that run deep in part of black community that she exposes with brilliant clarity and sharp valiance. Having to take the abuse of bigots herself, I think Kathy shows class in sticking their words back in their eyes. What is appalling is that the Media and the Police are silent on this issue. Where is Mike Allen tooting his own horn? I hate to spoil my compliments to Kathy, but if this were a black person killed by a white person spouting racist comments, this would have been a national story. Instead, this is element of the story is hidden. One could claim bigotry in the media. I would call them derelict from doing their job, which occurs on most all local stories not spoon fed to their quivering lips. The real bigotry that is most obvious to be at fault for the under reporting of this story lies with the Police. In my opinion the police are more bigoted against gays and lesbians of any race than against blacks and other minorities. I hope Kathy's story is reported and I hope the story gets a little play on talk radio.

John Schlagetter comments on Kathy's column, and has a follow up email exchange with Nate Livingston, racist extraordinaire. It will be interesting if John can get this story discussed on Jay Love's Week in Review show Friday on the Buzz. The other members on the panel are not very sympathetic to homosexual rights issue as I think they should be if they want to be taken seriously on any civil rights issues.

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