Thursday, January 16, 2003

UC athlete cleared on alcohol charge; Cops and Prosecutor out for Doughnuts (2nd item)
Serious questions arise from this:
Judge Ralph E. Winkler dismissed the charge after prosecutors failed to produce toxicology results and officers involved in the case failed to appear in court
What college did the prosecutors in the this case go to? What college did the police go to, or at least root for? How can the police officers involved in this case not appear in court? Now one else in the media cares to ask this question? I know I am a Miami Alum and I have my bias, but who is foolish enough to think that police could not get to the courthouse for a high profile case?

How about an investigation into possible corruption? Who used to be a UC trustee and is currently the Hamilton County Prosecutor? The name Mike Allen comes to mind. Who investigates the prosecutor? Who investigates him for allegedly allowing political activities to occur in the Prosecutor's office by PO staff? Allowing Mike Allen to be Prosecutor and Political chief in this area gives off the stink of corruption. I may start rethinking the validity of his statements in defense of putting a City Attorney on the Grand Jury for Ron Twitty. This is a man who has the power to do what ever he wants, and will get a pass from the County, the State Attorney General, and the Governor. Friends don’t let friends run amuck as prosecutor, unless the friend is a Republican looking to keep the skeletons buried.

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