Tuesday, January 21, 2003

More than 800 to attend March for Life
This story got a little bit too much attention for my taste. Beyond the Enquirer WLWT-NBC, news updates from 700WLW, WXIX-FOX, and WKRC-CBS covered the local group heavily. I know I live in a right-wing strong hold, but these "marchers" are painted like good deeding children. I wonder how many of these kid's grades are influenced by their attendance? That is a good question for the Elder Administration, who authorized a group from their school to attend. The question I want answered is where were the so-called "right to lifers" during the anti-war protests this weekend? How do those who claim to fight for the life of all fail to fight for those who will undoubtedly die in a war? I realize that two trips in one week to D.C. is too much for anyone, but there was a rally last Saturday against the war which only had a couple hundred people. Where were these 800 people?

I myself am pro-choice on the abortion issue and I am fairly mixed on the potential war with Iraq, but I like to be consistent with my principles. That does not mean I don't have nuanced opinions on issue that seem to be similar, but I do keep to the big issues. If I were a "pro-lifer" I would not pick and choose which lives have value. If they want to protect the fetus, why not protect the humans too?

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