Tuesday, January 14, 2003

MAKE SURE TO READ Chris Anderson's comments on Ohio Senator Doug White. Chris brings up White's past habit of racial insensitivity and White's self declared "Hillbilly" background reported in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Doug White sounds more and more like what might be called the stereotypical northern prejudiced bigot. White is not a racist and is not anti-Semitic, but he just does not like black or Jewish culture much, or at least not enough to know that Jews don't like to be stereotyped as greedy, and blacks don't like to be treated like good luck charms (property). Is this the kind of person who should be President of the Ohio Senate? I am starting to consider no. Now, first I must admit that he is a Republican, and I surely am not for most Republicans, but I especially don’t like those Republican’s that try to instill on the government a sense of unsophisticated piety rooted in a faux homespun attitude. Hiding behind a rustic upbringing as the defense of personal prejudice is not going to fly, even here in caustic free Ohio.

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