Monday, January 06, 2003

Bronson's Clinton Fetish?
Chris Anderson takes on Peter Bronson and the endless stream of Clinton-Haters. Peter's Column today could be seen as evidence that Peter has a Clinton Fetish. Can Peter leave the man alone? Instead Peter perpetuates lies about the manner in which the White House. Peter wishes to paint the worst light on the so-called "trashing" of the White House. Peter needs to read this(pdf) more carefully. Peter might want to read this take on the trumped up scandal. I have to suggest that Peter needs to add a New Year's resolution. He should give up writing about Bill Clinton. There is a pending war in Iraq, economic woes, pending nutty tax plans that he can spout all of the propaganda he wants on. Peter must stop feeding the beast. If you want the Clinton nuts to go away, then don't feed them. I guess Peter needs the Clinton-haters. They are his only loyal fans.

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