Thursday, January 09, 2003

Devolution of a Racist
Nate Livingston continues his downward spiral into oblivion, not that he wasn’t already living in obscurity. In yet another email, Nate is doing his utmost to get the only non-black talk show host off the airwaves of 1230 the Buzz. I am fairly confident the management at the Buzz will not be swayed by Nate's disingenuous comments. Nate is trumping up a charge against John Schlagetter, trying to gin up anti-white feelings amongst listeners of the Buzz. Nate's motives are to try and control or at least influence the Buzz, which he calls a "black radio station," to keep open an outlet for the racist and bigoted ideas he and his cohorts wish to communicate to the black community. Nate does this kind of thing often. He sent copies of a bigoted radio ads for Ken Blackwell to WLW to try and put a wedge between Republicans and Ken Blackwell. To a degree it succeeded thanks to Mike McConnell's attention to the issue.

Here Nate is trying to create PR. He wants a response from the Buzz and knowing how they kowtow to many of the local black separatists/racist groups, he might get a little attention out of them. He might even build an on air feud. He might be fishing for way to file another lawsuit against the Buzz. He had little luck the last time, but I guess he has nothing better to do in his spare time.

Here is the email John sent back along with Nate's email. It is like watching a train derail, a slow motion devolution into a lower form of life:
Subj: RE: MLK III smear campaign
Date: 01/09/2003 9:14:55 PM Eastern Standard Time

You bore me. As Sprocket's Dieter might say, "You're gangly adolescent attempts to intimidate me have grown tiresome."

Get a job.

-----Original Message-----
From: Nathaniel Livingston []
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 9:52 AM
Cc:;;; Jerri
Tolliver; Lincoln Ware
Subject: RE: MLK III smear campaign

Rick Porter:

You are well aware of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) requirement that you maintain a public file. Included with this email are copies of emails from John Schlagetter, an on-air employee of WDBZ, and my responses. I want these emails included in your public file. I will also forward to you in the next few minutes copies of letters from Doreen Cudnik, Joy Rolland, and Michael Watson concerning Mr. Schlagetter and his participation in an insidious smear campaign against Martin Luther King III. Those letters should also be incorporated into your public files.

In addition, as promised yesterday, I have begun contacting your advertisers to inform them of Mr. Schlagetter's comments, and his hostile, childish, inflammatory, and totally inappropriate reaction to a request that he apologize for making false and malicious statements about the eldest son of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This issue could have been, and should have been, resolved days ago. Unfortunately, Mr. Schlagetter has chosen not to make a thorough, on-air apology for his on-air statements which were made on Friday and repeated on Sunday. Mr. Schlagetter apparently feels
comfortable allowing such disinformation to remain in the public arena until he chooses to correct it. That, of course, is not an appropriate way to handle the placement of disinformation in the public arena. If Mr. Schlagetter made a mistake, which I do not believe to be the case, he should have moved to quickly correct that mistake. Instead, Mr. Schlagetter said untrue things about Martin Luther King III, he repeated those statements, he was advised that the statements were untrue and hurtful, and he has, to this date, refused to publicly apologize.

For some reason, WDBZ management hasn't seen the need to intervene and either force Mr. Schlagetter to do the right thing and apologize, or issue the apology on his behalf and on behalf of the radio station.

White talk show host cannot be allowed to go on the airwaves at Black radio stations and trash the names of Black leaders.

I look forward to a speedy reply.

Nathaniel Livingston, Jr.
I will be listening tomorrow to Jay Love on the Week in Review to hear if any of this mole hill makes the air.

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