Monday, January 20, 2003

Boycott Website Changes
Since the adult organizers of the CJC left the group, Nate and fellow ruffians have created a new website to promote their extortion of the city. On the website Nate is is asking for donations to be sent to his home address. I have to ask a question. Is it legal for Nate to accept donations on behalf of a nonprofit organization in this manner? Does Nate have a nonprofit corporation set up to accept donations? Since one of the members of the prior nonprofit pulled out, along with the person whose address was listed as its office address, is this entity legally still in existence to accept contributions on a non-tax basis? They use the CJC name on the new website, but is it theirs to use? These are questions I am just asking, I don't know the answers. I hope Nate and crew had Ken Lawson advise them before he accepts donations as his personal residence.

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