Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Nate Livingston Has Just Lost It
John Schlagetter has posted more of the emails he and Nate Livingston have been exchanging. Based on Nate's lies and his apparent delusions, I can only conclude that he has lost grip. His CJC dreams are crashing around him. His group as split and he has only racists and bigots as his friends. That might be his goal, but it can hardly be considered a quality of any respectable human being.

The biggest news to come out of this exchange is that John has determined that Nate appears to be behind the horrible website www.friendsofkarendewine.com, which is masked as a pro-conservative site, but attacks many conservatives and liberals. The amazing thing is that I am not on the website. I don't know why I am not, except that I was bashing DeWine fairly early, so I guess I had "street cred" on that issue in Nate's eyes.

This time Nate has included me in his attacks though, labeling Chris Anderson, John, and me as "Little racist white boys." Well, I am neither little, nor racist, and I am sure Chris and John are not either. What is amazing is that Nate could not even say why we are racist. Why Nate is racist is obvious. He shares the views of the Black Fist, and their views are that of black racist/separatists. The Black Fist feels whites are genetically inferior to blacks, they are the "devil", and are out to get the black man. In bizarro world they would be the Aryan Nation or KKK.

What can be done about Nate? Well we can ignore him or feed the beast. I vote to feed the beast. My reason for feeding the beast in this case is to put on display his racism and bigotry for all to see. He is considered credible in certain communities in the City. I feel that those communities need the opportunity to read about his real views, his real goals, and his real methods.

I don’t agree with many political opinions of John, but I hope people see that John Schlagetter is a good man. John does not deserve the bigoted and racist treatment Nate and cohorts aim at him. It would be refreshing if more hosts on the 1230 the Buzz would stop allowing the bigoted and racist views many callers spout on a regular basis, without a vigorous repudiation of those views, instead of a few "uh-huh's," while they sip their coffee and surf the web.

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