Thursday, January 02, 2003

Coalition for a Just Cincinnati is Falling Apart, Again
Linda Newman has resigned as co-chair of the CJC. Her reasons result from the anti-Semitic protest carried out by the Black Fist on December 4th, 2002 which included CJC co-chair Amanda Mayes. Her letter rambles on with a political laundry list of progressive/socialist/communistic ideas masquerading as civil rights, but overall her letter is good. I am pleased that many members of the CJC have woken up to the hypocrisy that existed in their own leadership with Mayes and Livingston. Both are opportunists to the extreme, peppered with bigotry, racism, and a greed for power. Linda and the rest of the boycotters need to rethink their tactics. This protest was an obvious ends to their means of confrontation. Instead of providing solutions, the boycotters made demands like it was Dog Day Afternoon.

The real question is: Who will gain custody of the CJC website According to a Whois search, it is registered to Linda Newman, so unless Nate and Amanda want to go to court, I would think Linda would get custody. Maybe Nate and Amanda could get weekend visitations, plus holidays. They better get Kenny Lawson working on that pronto.

Side note: Kabaka Oba's letter (last letter "Free Speech") to City Beat sounds like something an Islamic Jim Jones might compose.

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