Saturday, January 04, 2003

Cincinnati's mean streets: 65 lives in 365 days
One big problem with this list. When the alleged murders are listed, the race of them is not identified, but the victim's race is identified. I realize most of these are unsolved and not know, but why not list a description of the person(s) wanted? It is a common belief that the media tends to hide or shield the race of alleged criminals, but in this case when providing a summary, why not include the information? Why also doesn't the Post or the Enquirer keep a running report of the victims and alleged or accused perpetrators of crimes? In the age of the Internet, why isn't the police blotter online? Maybe the CPD should publish its crime reports? No, they couldn't do that. Well, if the County Clerk can do, why can't the CPD? Why didn't the collaborative agreement include such a thing? If people think the police are coving up incidents, why not put it all on the Internet? They don't have to include evidence, but they can at least say what happened, whom it happened to, and who was arrested for it.

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