Friday, January 03, 2003

Cincinnati Radio Notes:
Mike McConnell is advocating debtor's prison now. His prior support for Feudalism is starting to take shape. Mike's blossoming ideology is budding into a new/old idea needing a new name, maybe neo-fuedalism. Their followers are neo-aristocrats. Maybe we can call them neo-nobles. When Mike starts calling himself the Earl of West Chester, I think I will call myself Robin Hood.

Kabaka Oba talking with Ken Lawson on 1230theBuzz today says that spouting anti-Semitism is not bigotry, like the KKK, it is just exercising free speech. I have to ask: does anyone honestly take this guy seriously? I know in public many in the black community will not denounce other blacks unless they are personal maligned, but in private to they see this guy's a crackpot?

WSAI has ditched the elderly. 1530AM is switching to 1950's and 1960's music, instead of 1940's music. Dusty Rhodes is reported to be heading to WSAI as a DJ. The real question is, will WSAI still run its overnight nutty religious programming?

1160 WBOB has dumped ESPN for conservative talk radio, make that paleo-conservative talk radio. What does that make WLW and WKRC? WBOB also needs to update its website. WBOB is now "News/Talk 1160 WBOB. 1160 is owned by Salem Communications who also own 1050 WTSJ. Salem Communications is basically a for profit Christian broadcasting company. They include other non-religious programming but that mainly consists of sports or conservative talk radio. There is no online listing of their new programming schedule, but I for one will be sure to ignore this station at every chance I get. WBOB will most likely become the radio whipping boy for me. WLW and WKRC will start to look moderate in comparison. What a great day for radio. Diversity in radio is such a new thing, but when you have neo-conservatives, paleo-conservatives, and libertarians, what else can a intellectual want? I thanks Zeus for NPR.

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