Saturday, September 07, 2002

Dirty Laundry, Online for All to See
This was a huge story I missed. I for one am glad we are able to gain easy access to all court documents and data. This data is all public record, open to everyone. If you want to keep yourself secret, then don't end up in court. I have used this site very often. I used it to get a copy of the Indictment of Ron Twitty. I also have used it to look up the legal history of Nate Livingston, which is very, very long. Those who fear this are over reacting. You can't get bulk data, so telemarketers or Junk Mailers really can't do much. A stalker can still be traced by his Internet account. I am sure each visitor to the site is tracked by IP address and by ISP provider. This is just another panicky attitude of people who fear an open society. If someone wants to know where you live they can. If you file a lawsuit, and the information is in the court records, the press can find out whether it is online or not.

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