Monday, September 16, 2002

Chabot against light rail tax hike
Why do people elect this man? He is against bringing Federal funding to his district. This quote from the article sums it up for me.
“They can be statesmen, or they can ensure the money that could be spent here would go to cities such as Dallas, San Diego or St. Louis,” Mr. Schneider said.. “To lead the opposition to a strategy that other cities are following with great success seems to me to be short-sighted.”
The "they" includes Fellow Republican John Dowlin and Democrat Dusty Rhodes. I just hear no alternatives to light rail. I hear knee jerk anti-tax measures. I hear a short-run "if I can't see it now, screw later" attitude. I hear the typical Cincinnati attitude, do nothing and just "pray", and then it will just go away. I would like to know if Congressman Portman will take a stand on this issue. It would be interesting to see how his new mix of City/Suburban/Rural district changes his positions. This might be one where it does, or at least keep him quite about it.

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